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JLab’s new Epic 2 wireless earbuds are a game changer for those who love to enjoy music while jogging, working, or doing any other activity that gets the sweat flowing. The Epic 2’s an upgrade from the brand’s previous Epic series, and the manufacturer upped the specs to give their customers more comfort, peace of mind, and sound.

The JLab Epic 2 Wireless earbuds are an upgrade from the brand’s previous Epic earbuds series. Upgrades include an IPX5 rating that provides better sweat and waterproof ability. Eight silicone ear tips for comfort plus 8mm drivers for better sound quality.

If you enjoy JLabs Epic earbuds but fear the sweat may damage them, you will love their upgrades to the new Epic 2 wireless earbuds. Now you can push your workout until you are soaked without worrying that your trusted JLab will get damaged. The latest version of Epic 2 has an improved IPX rating, and the brand added additional features to provide you with all-day earbud enjoyment.

What Is JLab Epic 2?

JLab used the feedback from customers on their Epic series and made some improvements that are game changer for the brand. The new JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds are everything and more and perform great, especially if you consider their price. The JLab brand excels at producing premium wireless earbuds for exercising, running, and other activities requiring sweatproof earbuds.

According to the manufacturer, they used customer feedback and improved the earbud’s IPX rating to ensure that it is not only 100% sweatproof but you can rinse them after a good workout. The JLab Epic 2’s have an IPX5 rating, including an ultra-sonic seal for the battery compartment and plasma-coated microelectronics.

JLab Epic 2 Features

Here are the manufacturer specifications on the JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds:

The Package Includes:

  • Epic2 Wireless Earbuds (Bluetooth)
  • Mini cable management clips (x2)
  • Micro USB to USB cord (Universal)
  • Travel Case
  • Silicone gel tips (8 sets)
  • A One-Year Warranty

Hardware specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity plus aptX audio
  • IPX5 rating (sweat and rinse proof)
  • 12 hours battery life with 4-hour charge time
  • 8mm drivers
  • The total weight is 15 grams.


Black is a popular color, but JLab included three different color options with their JLab Epic 2’s. Like all earbuds, you get the standard Black, but with the Epic 2, there is a more subtle Blue color with a Grey undertone and a Teal color.

The Epic 2 earbuds come standard with a thin 17-inch cable that runs at the back of your neck to connect the two earbuds, plus a memory wire on each earbud to ensure the best fit.

The JLab Epic 2 has a three-button controller that lets you control the volume, play, skip, pause tracks, and answer calls, plus it houses the mic and micro-USB charger port. The controller has LED lights that give you a visual of your earbud’s status. The controller worked great, and all the functions are simple and easy to use. 

Fit And Function

I always envy how other people’s wireless earbuds fit so comfortably and securely, while I can never achieve the same level of comfort. The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds surprised me with their tight and comfortable fit. The Epic 2 package includes various ear tips in a range of sizes, and I was able to get a nice fit. The only negative for me is that JLab did not include wingtips.

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds have the same components in each earbud, making the weight evenly balanced in both ears. Another great feature is the memory wire that helped to get that snug fit, and while jogging, I did not have to fiddle with it constantly to keep it in place.

The control module was easy to use, with only three buttons that let you control every aspect of the JLab Epic 2. If you do not want outside noise interference, consider the JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds because they provide a great seal. Adjusting may take some time; the seals on the Epic 2 are so effective that I could hear my heartbeat and breathe clearly while on a call.

Are The JLab Epic 2 Sweat Proof?

The JLab Epic earbud design is one of the manufacturer’s best, but many customers asked if the brand would improve on a view features. One of the changes asked for was that the earbuds have a better waterproof ability. The new and improved JLab Epic 2 has an IPX5 rating vs. Epic’s IPX4 rating, which makes it sweat and rinse-proof for more peace of mind.

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds are amazing, and joggers and various sports fanatics enjoy their great sound, comfort, and durability. Because the brand increased the IPX rating, customers can wash the sweat off the earbuds after a good workout without fearing damage.

The IPX5 rating means that the Epic 2 earbuds are sweatproof and waterproof for rinsing purposes, not submersion. 

Battery, Charging, And Durability

The battery life of the JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds is impressive, and I found the 12-hour play time advertised by the manufacturer to be accurate.

Before you buy the Epic 2, you should know that the 12 hours of listening time is measured at optimum use. It produced between nine and ten hours of listening time when I tested it at very high volumes, which is longer than most wireless earbuds. Avoiding frequent connecting and disconnecting and using low to moderate volumes, you can expect up to 12 hours of use.

The Epic 2’s take four hours to reach a full charge which is fast considering the length of playtime you get. The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds use a convenient Micro USB charge port, especially if you forgot your charger at home and need a quick charge. The downside of the Micro USB charge port is that you must open a little rubber cover to get access to the charge port.

The charge port is located on the control module, and the downside is that once your rubber flap is open, it is not waterproof. The JLab Epic 2 earbuds are not fully waterproof, but if the rubber charge flap is closed, rinsing is no problem, and if you forget and it does get water, leave it to dry before switching it on.

Sound And Audio Review

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds took their drivers to the next level and had 8mm drivers vs. Epic’s 6mm, which is large for such a compact device. I was excited to hear about the quality and volume that Epic 2 produced, and it was a letdown in quality.

Although the Epic 2 produces good volume considering its price range, the bass has a muffled sound, and the mid and highs did not produce much clarity. The volume is good, but in my experience, the clarity is drowned out by the bass, but those who love bass may have a different view. 

Using the JLab Epic 2’s during a workout does not require exact sound balance and should give the user more than enough sound and quality to enjoy. Those who want to use it for specific music and intense listening may find the sound quality disappointing.

JLab has a burn-in time option to loosen the drivers for the optimal sound quality on the app and takes 40 hours.

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds feature aptX Bluetooth and transmit 24-bit high-res audio to give you the greatest quality possible. AptX Bluetooth gives the Epic 2 an advantage over some competitors, but I found the sound to be good but not great.


Connecting my phone to the JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds is a breeze. I only had to connect it once and didn’t have to repeat the process, so the designers did a great job. Within seconds and only using two steps, my iPhone connected to it, and I was ready to listen to music immediately. The audio cues provided by a female voice were a nice touch, and the instructions for connecting were easy to follow.

JLab’s designers use Cross Body Technology to ensure you get the best connectivity. Many wireless earbuds struggle to connect through the body, which happens when your phone is in your left pocket and must connect through your body to the earbud in your right ear. The Epic 2’s have a brilliant range, and I was surprised at the distance I got with my phone 30 feet away with no signal drop.

Usage / Interface

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds shine, especially if you use them during exercise, and their design is carefully thought out to provide the least discomfort possible. Various earbuds have a wire that thuds against your body when you walk, run, or do exercises which is annoying. The Epic 2’s wire lies behind the neck, and I found it comfortable and hardly noticeable; plus, its clips let me adjust it to fit exactly.

I do not sweat a lot, although some do, and after my jog, I took them out and wiped them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or sweat, which worked great. One morning I decided to take them into the shower, and the IPX 5 rating delivered on its promises that it can take a direct spray of water.

Taking the Epic 2 into the shower after my workout is a big plus in my books, and knowing that it can take some jet spray gave me the confidence to give it a quick rinse as well. There is some reverb of the water on your head when you shower, but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed them thoroughly after that.

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds come with a 1-year warranty that shows the brand’s confidence in their product. Still, it states it does not cover willful abuse, so I suggest avoiding exposure to chemicals like soap or shampoo.

The JLab Epic 2’s has one of the easiest interfaces I have ever tested, and it was a pleasure connecting it and using the functions. Three buttons on the control unit let me do everything much easier and are simple. The center button does most functions like playing, pausing, excepting, and ending calls. Holding the center button to skip a track and adjusting the volume with the other two buttons worked great.

The interface informs you of every status, including pairing, battery level, and shutdown, via a pleasing female voice. There is a LED light that shows a blue or red light if it is on, off, or needs a charge to ensure that you know the status of the earbuds. The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbud’s Bluetooth pairing function could not be easier, and it even has a passcode function for those who are more finicky.

JLab Epic 2 Wireless Earbuds Pros And Cons

The JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds are a great improvement from its predecessor, the JLab Epic series, and the manufacturer took the feedback from customers to design it with various new features. The Epic 2′ s new IPX rating and larger drivers are great additions, but other features elevate its performance and comfort.

Pros and cons of the JLab Epic 2 wireless earbuds.:

8mm drivers provide powerful audio performance with additional boosted bass response.Lacks mid and high frequencies for clarity
Exceptionally secure fit with eight ear tip options and memory wireThe bass is overpowering and muffled
IPX5 Water-resistant and risible design rating
Twelve hours of playtime with 4 hours of charge
Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity plus aptX audio
Three different color designs


The JLab epic earbuds are of excellent quality, especially if you consider their price compared to its competitors. The new IPX5 rating makes it sweatproof, but now you can rinse them after a good workout to have them fresh for the next day. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds, the Epic 2 is a great option. It offers impressive sound and up to 12 hours of playtime.


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